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Monday, September 9, 2019

BAMTEDDY2019: OMG!! Couples Share Official Introduction Portrait

BAMTEDDY2019: OMG!! Couples Share Official Introduction Portrait

Ex-Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemates BamBam and Teddy A are currently creating a social media buzz after they shared official portrait of their introduction ceremony which happened today Saturday, September 7.

Different photos and videos from the ceremony had surfaced online earlier, but the couples had not posted any on their social media platforms, until some moments ago.

Although the bride and groom are yet to flood their social media pages with photos from the event, they have treated their fans to an official self-portrait that was shared on their individual Instagram pages.

The reality star couple had got engaged a while back, but today had their official introduction ceremony in Ilaro, Ogun state.

To the thrills of fans, they both did not dissapoint as they looked absolutely stunning in their traditional attires for the day.

What started as a sweet romance in the BBNaija house in 2017, has finally grown into something beautiful and amazing for lovebirds, Bambam and Teddy A.

See Pictures below:

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

#BBNaija: "Lami Claims He Spent 1.5m On Voting And It Still Didn't Count" - Wants An Audit Of Deloitte Servers (Videos)

#BBNaija: "Lami Claims He Spent 1.5m On Voting And It Still Didn't Count" - Wants An Audit Of Deloitte Servers (Videos)

#BBNaija: 'I personally spent 1.5m on voting and it still didn't count - Jackye's boyfriend, Lami wants an audit of Deloitte servers (Videos)

Lami, the boyfriend of ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Jackye has revealed how he personally spent 1.5million naira on votes for his girl but the 'votes didn't count'.

He shared the videos and receipts of how the money was spent on voting, Lami said that he'll want the organisers to allow his tech firm carry out an audit of Delloite servers and questioned how much money other housemates spend on voting to get their numbers up.

See his full post and videos below...

Even State and National election votes don’t count in naija... I personally spent 1.5m in my humble capacity and still na voice mail the money enter but na esha bread for where God dey and besides my girl is worth way more than that. Makes me wonder how much is been sincerely spent in others camp weekly that shoots their % so high then they must have a chairman in their family and if not then how?

Watched big brother so much I barely had time to cater to myself, my business distracted like say na National Assembly election Jackye dey contest for on top 30m wey my girl wanna win, chaii I don suffer.

Anyway na wetin the organizers want and Deloitte like dem go show and it was more like they listen to the noise of Twitter now rather than allowing real votes count cos I got more verifiable receipts of votes and if they would allow my little David tech team to come audit their giant Goliath severs we may be able to pull a super story headline in another big brother social media handler sarcastic manner.

Overall to God be the glory because 60m no fit buy the fame and opportunities she has now and that alone we are grateful for even though it comes along with a lot of hate amidst the great love.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019

BBNaija 2019: Joe, Enkay Evicted From Reality TV show

BBNaija 2019: Joe, Enkay Evicted From Reality TV show

Joe and Enkay's exit comes after spending a total of 21 days and three weeks in the house.

This is the sixth eviction in the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem edition which kicked off on June 30, 2019.

Joe and Enkay were nominated alongside other members of the Icon group.
BBNaija 2019: Joe, Enkay Evicted From Reality TV show

On Sunday, July 7, 2019, two housemates, Isilomo and Avala were evicted from the Big Brother House emerging two of the housemates with the lowest amount of Bet9ja coins.

On July 14, 2019, two more housemates, Kimoprah and Ella were evicted from the BBNaija house after getting the least votes from fans voting online and via SMS.

On July 21, 2019, Tuoyo was evicted and became the first male housemates to be evicted.
BBNaija 2019: Joe, Enkay Evicted From Reality TV show

On July 28, 2019, Nelson and Thelma were evicted from the BBNaija house.

21 youths made it to the Big Brother House to become the housemates of the BBNaijaseason 4 tagged Pepper Dem.

In a twist, five more housemates, Cindy, Elozonam, Venita, Joe and Enkay were added to the reality show making the housemates 19 all over again.

The eviction continues for the next six weeks when the show comes to an end.
#BBNAIJA: Nigerian Celebrities Reacts To Sexualities In The House

#BBNAIJA: Nigerian Celebrities Reacts To Sexualities In The House

#BBNaija: Nigerian celebrities reacts to constant ‘intimacy’ in the house
For a while now, there has been constant sexual entanglement among the housemates of Big Brother Naija reality show.

The recent been that of Khafi Kareem and Gedoni.
The BBNaija love ‘birds’ were seen having sex this time around before light out while others were awake.

This caused reactions from fellow housemate, Esther who felt irritated by their actions.

Meanwhile Khafi , the 29 year-old UK policewoman is already in trouble with her superiors in the London Metropolitan Police and the New Scotland Yard headquarters for joining the reality show without proper permission and topping it all, she kept having sexual intercourse on live TV.

KemiFilani reached out to celebrities to speak on the sex in big brother trend.
While some believe they are all adults and should be responsible for their actions, other critical condemned Khafi’s ‘sex drive.

See their reactions below:

Belinda Effah
Khafi is over 18 years of age and entitled to her decision. She is a mature woman and must have weighed the consequences of her actions. So whatever comes with it after Big Brother I am sure she can handle it . My honest thought is there is no need crying more than the bereaved. Khafi knows what she is doing and she can definitely handle whatever comes with it. Let’s just pray she makes it to the end of the show and probably win so it’s could count for a huge compensation for her decision.

Nazo Ekezie
She go dey alright last last. She knows what she is doing. She is old enough to make a decision that would favour her.

Nkechi Blessing
She’s an adult, so she’s doing what he thinks is best for her. They should allow her be. You all should let her do whatsoever she deems fit for her and makes her happy.

Annjay Chioma
I can see a lady who is desperate for fame and can do anything to get what she wants. Life is a choice though and that’s her choice.

Having sex on national Tv 3 good times and still counting? Haba!Is she the only one with private part here? I’m not trying to judge her because nobody holy pass but it wasn’t a good move.It’s her body, her choice. Some how I still feel for her because the guy she has been dishing out the thing to will still dump her at the end of the day. I think BBN organizers should approve use of Sex toys too since, it has finally turned reality show.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

2019 Bbnaija: Mercy, Ike Win N2m ‘munch It’ Challenge

2019 Bbnaija: Mercy, Ike Win N2m ‘munch It’ Challenge

2019 BBNaija: Mercy, Ike win N2m ‘Munch it’ challenge
The gangster couple of the ‘Pepper Dem’ house Mercy Eke and Ike Onyema won two million Naira in the ‘Munch it’ challenge.

FreshReporters News gathered that the couple tagged ‘MerIke’, also won dinner in a canoe and were treated to an in-house dinner by Biggie on Saturday.

The ‘Pepper Dem’ gang took on the ‘Munch It’ Challenge to test the Housemates’ creativity, wit and dance moves.

Housemates were required to pair up and the female Housemates had the honours of picking which of the male Housemates they wanted as partners.

Venita picked Gedoni, Diane picked Frodd, Tacha picked Elozonam, Enkay picked Mike, Cindy picked Omashola, Mercy picked Ike, Jackye picked Joe, Khafi picked Sir Dee and Esther picked Seyi.

The first task was the ‘Munch It’ Art Challenge. Housemates were asked to create a stunning piece of art using Munch It.

The fun part of this Challenge was that while one Housemate created the art the other partner was given the freedom to distract the other Housemates.

The Dance Challenge was next as Housemates picked a dance direction from Cultural, Contemporary and Hip Hop Dance.

The Housemates developed a comprehensive dance choreography based on their chosen direction and also in line with the Munch It song, both dressed in the same onesie.

It was further gathered that Ike and Mercy, on their part, had issues that had more to do with personal issues than the dance.

Frustrated by their unimpressive dance moves, Ike expressed that she was tired and insisted that she would rather play this game alone. She also rebuffed Ike’s suggestion of stealing dance moves.

You’ll continue to triumph over enemies, Daura Emir tells Buhari on Eid-el-Kabir
Shortly after, superstar Dance Choreographer, Kaffy paid a visit to the House to show the Pepper Dem gangways to choreograph their moves.

Kaffy took time to coach and give each of the Pepper Dem pair dance tips in their quest to deliver a spectacular show.

Despite the challenges the MerIke pair had, they emerged winners of the Munch It challenge as they received the highest votes.

Fans of the pair have taken to social media to congratulate the couple while some fans of other pairs expressed displeasure at their performances.

@Celeste_tweeted, “Awwwwww I wanna cry. I’m so happy y’all #TeamMerike I Stan my babies forever I love you teammates!!!!!! Cheers to you sweethearts.”

@Joneslotty said, “Nothing is as sweet as watching Ike And Mercy winning this Munch It challenge. Much love.My Mercy and Ike all day everyday…#BBNaija”

@Charlestara said, “Whoever is not pleased with this should go and start their own bbn oooooo. This is how we roll. I Stan Gangster couple till the final day.”

@Mercychibike said, “I’ve been a Mercy fan from day 1 but Tacha and Elo deserve to win this. #BBNaija”

@Anitaframe3 tweeted, “It wasn’t a fair one biggie.. we’re more scared of the final votes of the game. Not Fair @MunchITNigeria”

"Fans and housemates anxiously await Biggie’s twist for the Sunday eviction show, following a busy week in the house" NAN reports

Friday, July 19, 2019

Bbnaija: Isilomo Slams Kimoprah, Calls Her 'fake And Irritating'

Bbnaija: Isilomo Slams Kimoprah, Calls Her 'fake And Irritating'

BBNaija: Isilomo slams KimOprah, calls her 'fake and irritating'

It appears the BBNaija drama outside the house is getting pretty captivating following the recent interviews the ex-housemates have been granting and the interesting things they have to say about the other housemates.

BBNaija ex-housemate, Isilomo, seems to be pretty vocal about her impression of the housemates and from the look of things, she doesn't care whose ox is gored in the process of expressing herself.

Just recently during an interview with
Linda Ikeji Blog shortly before KimOprah and Ella were evicted, she was asked who she wants evicted from the show. Without hesitating, Isilomo chose KimOprah. Giving her reason, she described KimOprah as a fake person and for that, she didn't like her.
Explaining further, she recalled an incidence in the house where KimOprah burst into tears but it turned out she was only faking it.

Watch the clip below:


This would be the second time Isilomo is coming for the beauty queen after the show.

Recall a while back, she put on blast both Kimoprah and Ella for speaking ill of another housemate, Tacha.

Isilomo did not take kindly to the comments about Tacha and she addressed the issue on her Instagram live. In the video, Isi slammed Ella and Kim as she explained that their comments came from a place of 'painment'.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday, July 7, 2019

BBNAIJA 2019: Throwback Photos Of Big Brother Housemate Tacha

BBNAIJA 2019: Throwback Photos Of Big Brother Housemate Tacha

Bbnaija 2019: Throwback Photos Of Big Brother Housemate Tacha

The 2019 edition of popular reality show, BBNaija has come back to grace TV screens in Nigeria as many viewers are keen to be aware of the lifestyle of housemates.

 One of the housemates on the 2019 edition of the show who seems to have raised the hopes of many Nigerians is the popular Instagram celebrity, Tacha.

The young lady had built a reputation for herself as a raunchy dancer on the internet and Nigerians have been hoping to see some of those displays in the BBNaija house.

We came across interesting throwback photos of Tacha that would have many of her fans appreciating her growth and beauty. See her photos below:

Despite being in the BBNaija house for just a few days, Tacha and another housemate, Thelma, have already been at loggerheads. Just as the housemates settled to eat their lunch on Tuesday, July 2, their third day in the house, Tacha and Thelma got into a heated argument over meat and fish.

It started after Tacha dished meals for everyone and settled to eat but a dissatisfied Thelma complained about the portion which she got. Angered by her ungratefulness, Tacha picked offense and the two got into a heated exchange of words.

Insulting words including 'dumb' and 'fool' were thrown across the room between the two ladies who seemed to be completely irritated by the actions of each other.


Monday, July 1, 2019