Friday, May 15, 2020

Sokoto Discharge 13 Coronavirus Patients, 11 In Oyo State

The Sokoto state ministry of health has announced the discharge of 13 Coronavirus patients the state after recovering from the virus. 

Sokoto Discharge 13 Coronavirus Patients, 11 In Oyo State

The 13 patients were discharged at the Isolation centers at Amanawa, UDUTH and OTC, bringing the total number of recoveries in Sokoto state to 57.

A tweet shared by the Sokoto state ministry of health reads;


13 more patients; were today discharged from our Amanawa, UDUTH & OTC Isolation centres to reunite with the society. This brings the total number of #COVID19Sokoto recoveries to 57.

Also, the Oyo State Task Force on COVID-19, on Friday, recorded a major victory in its ongoing fight against the novel Coronavirus when it discharged 11 persons after they tested negative to COVID-19 twice.

A statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, said;

We all must have behind our minds that this novel coronavirus, even though it belongs to a particular family, is not in any way similar to the HIV virus, meaning that it does not reside in you forever as it were. It has a span of time that it stays and your body’s immune system is built up enough to be able to get rid of it and you come back to normal.

But, of course, if at the time you have a high load of the virus, you happen to have some other co-morbidities or you are under some treatment that reduces your immunity, then you can have a full flare. So, it is not like the HIV virus that you have to use medications to suppress or reduce their effects.

When patients come down and they are tested as positive, it means the load of the virus is enough to make them feel sickly. When they are in isolation, what we do is to boost their immunity. There are so many regimens in the world that are being tried and used but here, our patients have stuck to a very simple regimen. They all have 500mg of azithromycin daily for three days. They also have zinc on a daily basis. 2gram of Vitamin C, Chloroquine 500mg and 250mg for another three days.

We are privileged to have linked up with our colleagues in UCH, who have been exceptionally wonderful. So, we are not only looking at their symptoms but also the viral load and their CT. But the value of the CT is also in correlation with the value of the viral load. The higher the viral load, the lower the CT value.

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