Friday, March 13, 2020

Man Stabs Brother To Death For Bringing Parrots Into Their Home

A man identified as Olanrewaju Adeyinka was arrested by the police in Ogun state, for allegedly stabbing his younger brother, Gabriel, to death with a window louvre for bringing two life parrots into their home in the Ilaro area of the state.

Man Stabs Brother To Death For Bringing Parrots Into Their Home

The 40-year-old who was paraded before newsmen on Thursday March 12th, confessed to the crime but said it was a mistake and the handiwork of the devil.
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Why narrating the ordeal he said, he returned home on the fateful day to see the parrots in their home and he got into an argument with his brother after he ordered that the parrots be taken outside.

According to him, the argument degenerated into a fight and in the process, he used a window louvre they broke during the fight to stab his brother.

Olanrewaju claimed he was about taking the broken louvre to show their neighbors when his brother charged at him and then he used it to stab him.

The suspect asked that the police to have mercy on him as he never intended to kill his brother.

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  1. Bringing parrot to the house is not enough reason to stab his brother
    Maybe there's something else involved

  2. Lol just parrot that's why he killed his brother.

  3. Just look this end time act.

    God help us pls


  4. They also arrested the parrots?

    It's a terrible's sometimes very hard to control.


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