Saturday, March 14, 2020

Shehu Sani To Sultan of Sokoto, Stop Talking Before They Come For You

Following comments by the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar that poverty and hunger was killing Nigerians more than the deadly Coronavirus.
While reacting to the comment, Shehu Sani urged the Sultan to stop talking about hunger in Nigeria to avoid being attacked.
Shehu Sani To Sultan of Sokoto, Stop Talking Before They Come For You

According to the sultan of sokoto, what a lot of Nigerians are facing in terms of hunger and other challenges was much more deadlier than the Coronavirus.

The former Kaduna Central Senator, said this through his Facebook page, he urged the Sultan to stop criticising government.

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Sani’s comment which he wrote in pidgin and was translated in English language reads;

Please your Highness Sultan stop talking about hunger in Nigeria so they don’t come for you.

So they won’t say you are the contortionist or what do they call it. As they returned home in anger, make sure you just chill.

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  1. The Sultan of Sokoto is right. Hunger is really killing Nigerians even more than the Corona Virus.
    In Nigeria, if you talk you die, if you don't talk you doe, so let him talk and die...

  2. Northerners with vindictiveness. They dont ever forgive or forget. We have a grand patron of Vindictiveness as our leader.

  3. Shehu Sani is an outspoken man and he always says things as they are


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