Sunday, February 2, 2020

Why We Placed Travel Ban On Nigerians — US

Following a new visa regime announced by the US government on January 31, involves the suspension of the issuance of immigrant visas to Nigerian passport holders, which will comes into effect on February 21.

Why We Placed Travel Ban On Nigerians — US

However, The United States has given reasons for imposing visa restrictions on Nigerians and five other countries’  nationals.

Other countries on the list are Eritrea, Myanmar, Tanzania, Sudan and Kyrgyzstan.

The full report of the visa restrictions titled, ‘Proclamation on improving enhanced vetting capabilities and process
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The statement reads in parts;

Nigeria also presents a high risk, relative to other countries in the world, of terrorist travel to the United States. Nigeria is an important strategic partner in the global fight against terrorism, and the United States continues to engage with Nigeria on these and other issues.

The Department of State has provided significant assistance to Nigeria as it modernises its border management capabilities, and the Government of Nigeria recognises the importance of improving its information sharing with the United States.

Nevertheless, these investments have not yet resulted in sufficient improvements in Nigeria’s information sharing with the United States for border and immigration screening and vetting.

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  1. Although the travel ban will only be applied on the immigrant visa it will still have a big impact to the countries involve in the travel ban. The reason is that the US have excluded these nation from participating in the diversity visa program such as the visa lottery which grants permanent residency to the winner.


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