Saturday, February 8, 2020

Video: Man Dies After Intercourse With A Prostitute

A man died shortly after having sex with a young lady, who simply identified herself as precious from Akwa-ibom state.

Video: Man Dies After Intercourse With A Prostitute

It is been suspected that, the man died from drug/health issues. Some drugs, including one which looks like an energy giving drug were found in his bag, after the incident.

According to precious, in a video confessed that she was into prostitution and was introduced to the deceased by a friend who told her that a man who just ‘came back’ needed a lady to spend the night with.
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After lodging in a hotel, precious and the man took their meals and slept off.

Precious said, the man woke up around 5am and they had sex. Precious tried waking him up one hour later, so she can leave, but the man didn’t wake up.

She had to alert others to come and help her out.

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