Sunday, February 9, 2020

VIDEO: 12-year-old Girl Has Shocking Vision Of Jesus In TB Joshua’s Church

A viral video going round shows a 12-year-old girl who identified herself as Gift from Anambra State, reportedly had a ‘vision’ of Jesus Christ during a midweek service at TB Joshua’s popular church in Lagos.

VIDEO: 12-year-old Girl Has Shocking Vision Of Jesus In TB Joshua’s Church

Immediately After receiving her water, during a service known as the ‘Living Water Service’ at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, SCOAN, the young girl suddenly cried out and gesticulated wildly.

She cried out;

There is a Man there, He is tall! He is wearing a white garment.

The man said, according to her;

Repent; I am coming soon. Bring people to My church; bring more souls.

According to her, she witnessed angels and 24 elders “bowing down and singing, ‘Holy, Holy is the Lamb’.”

Throughout this period, Gift’s eyes remained closed as she vividly expressed that “His face is shining” and “the light is too bright”

Gift suddenly crumpled to the floor and appeared to ‘awaken’ from the trance. Bemused at the attention surrounding her, she began crying as she recounted again what she had just witnessed.

Gift she recounted;

On His head was a big crown and He was sitting on a throne.

She added that she saw smoke surrounding the Heavenly scene she witnessed.

She expressed shocked that no-one else saw what she had seen so vividly.

Gift emotionally pleaded;

People are going on the wrong track; we should bring them back to the Church,”

She added that she needed guidance from Pastor TB Joshua on why she would be the recipient of such a stunning revelation.

Speaking via YouTube channel when posting the video, Joshua said;

There is no excuse for being surprised by the uncertainty of coming events.

The uncertainty of the hour of Christ’s return calls for vigilance and watchfulness. Let us not wait for another sign from Heaven to convince us of the paramount importance of making the most out of life today because only today is our own, tomorrow is not.

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