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Nigeria's Situation Would Have Been Better If My Husband Did Not Die - Wife Of Late Yar’Adua

Lamenting about the instability and the insecurity of Nigeria, the wife of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, Madam Turai Musa Yar’Adua, said the country is in this state today because her husband’s regime was cut short by his sickness and eventual death.

Nigeria's Situation Would Have Been Better If My Husband Did Not Die - Wife Of Late Yar’Adua

The wife of the former President maintain, that Nigeria would have been much better if the late President had finished his tenure.

On 24 February 2010, Yar'Adua returned to Abuja under the cover of darkness. His state of health was unclear, but there was speculation that he was still on a life support machine.

Various political and religious figures in Nigeria had visited him during his illness saying he would make a recovery.
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But Yar'Adua died on 5 May at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa.

Turai however said the lingering sickness eventually terminated his vision-driven life.

She said;

The situation in Nigeria would have been better had my husband, the late President, survived his ailment because he was a focused, committed and determined leader.

Although my husband was sick for a long time, he did his very best for Nigeria. Also as governor of Katsina State, he did his best for the state; he is an honest man who believed in service.

Narrating her husband's humility, she said he once told her that his relatives would quarrel with her after his death as they would think that he had left so much money.

Speaking at a recent memorial lecture in honour of the late President in Katsina, the former First Lady, also said;

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The late Yar’Adua was not a materialist leader who believed in accumulating wealth. In fact, he shunned material things as his slogan was service to humanity.

There was a time he said to me: ‘Turai, I pity you because when I die you will have quarrels with my relatives because they will think I have so much money in my possession’.

There was a time I approached him that people are complaining that the government was slow. But he said to me, ‘people can say whatever they like but I will not give out contract if I have no money to pay’.

The late Umaru was a kind of leader that would go out and monitor projects. I could recall when I used to join him to supervise hospital and road projects.
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  1. President Goodluck Jonathan did so well but he was not supported by the cabal. Now, the result is clear. Cattle herders are giving everyone more headaches in the regime. Restructuring is the answer to our insecurities.

  2. Hahahahah...madam, to some extent you be humanly right...but I still think that should had been left for GOD to interpret, simple...
    All politicians especially at the presidency level in Nigeria are evil to their citizens and not to their family and immediate followers...Your late husband would had well was just a talk...this is Nigeria and Nigerians of where every Nigerians has his or her personal interests which surpasses national interests...hahahja

  3. She might be right tho,during yar adua times the nation was better

  4. Your husband was a great man who changed many factors....but sad his brother has shattered all he built

  5. Yesooo Madam
    You husband was a nice leader


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