Saturday, February 15, 2020

Man Beats Wife To Death In Lagos Over Sex

A man identified as John Onyeme, of Ladi-Lak, Bariga area of Lagos State, reportedly beat his wife, Esther Onyeme, to death.

Man Beats Wife To Death In Lagos Over Sex

The deceased, was a deaconess and proprietress of a nursery and primary school in the community.

According to Neighbours, John always accused her wife of fornication and starving him of sex which often triggered their disagreements.

According to reports, the couple and their three children lived together on Ayorinde Street, Ladi-Lak, until about five months ago when Esther packed out in the heat of a fight and relocated to a church.

John reportedly went to the church on Friday, January 31, 2020 and beat her to a pulp.

Esther was admitted to a private hospital in the community where she died three days after.

Tope Adeyemo, a resident of the area, said that the woman had on several occasions reported John at the Pedro Police Station covering the neighbourhood.

Adeyemo said;

He had been beating the woman for a long time and she reported him many times at the Pedro Police Station. The woman ran a private school in the community. She was responsible and industrious but the man thought she was fornicating around.

She left him five months ago when his trouble became too much. They have three children together. The eldest among them is 16 years old. They are now in their village in the East. It is disheartening.

Another neigbour, who wanted to be identified as Bola, said Esther established the school located on Oyeyemi Street, Ladi-Lak, about five years ago, adding that it was unfortunate her life was cut short

She said;

It is tragic. She should be in her mid 40s. Most times, the husband beat her for denying him sex. Which woman would allow an irresponsible man to be having sex with her? She left home about five months ago when she could no longer bear his trouble.

Some family members begged her to come back because of the children and she did. The same day she returned home, the man beat her. That was when she packed out of the house. She was diligent. She founded the school about five years ago. She was even planning to establish another school.

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