Friday, January 31, 2020

Watch Video: Why I'm Cutting Off My Sensitive Organ - Queen Haizel

Queen Haizel Ghanaian singer, has revealed a new approach to tackle her career this year.

According to the singer, she plans to cut off her clitoris so that she can forget about sexual pleasure and concentrate on her music.

The Afrobeat singer, reveal this during an interview on TV Africa’s morning show ‘VideoRyde’ hosted by Larry BozzIz.

She maintain that, all women are sensitive at that area but her’s is extra sensitive and that really distracts her whenever she wants to focus on listening to or writing new songs.

She said;

Very soon, I will be leaving the country for two months. I’m going to cut off my clitoris to be able to concentrate on my music career.

She told the shocked male show host, that she was going to let go her clitoris so to focus on her career.

Watch video;

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