Sunday, December 15, 2019

Husband's Magun Charm Got Wife And Lover Jammed During Love-making (Video)

The punishment for adultery visited a married woman and her lover who got stuck while having sex. Joro Olumofin, a Nigerian relationship expert, shared a video of a married woman and her lover who were jammed while making love.

Husband's Magun Charm Got Wife And Lover Jammed During Sex

It was understood that The woman’s husband had placed a charm, popularly known as Magun which literally means “do not climb.”

In the Yoruba culture of Western region of Nigeria, the strange tradition of Magun means “do not climb”. It is done to restrict either man or woman from sexual promiscuity. Parents can place magun on their daughters to keep them from being promiscuous and punish anyone who rapes them, or it could be done by in-laws, lovers, spouses to keep husbands or wives from being unfaithful.

It was noted that the man had been suspecting his wife was involved in extra marital affairs so he went ahead to put the charm on her.
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 "I called one of my friends in Benin republic, who introduced him to a native doctor", he said. 

Though in affirmation the charm is effective as the lady and her lover got stuck and caught in the act.

The act was done on the woman's matrimonial bed. She brought her lover home and was having sexual intercourse with him thinking her husband was away, Unknown to her he was around. The husband who caught them right handed said he will take the matter to the police for resolution.
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