Friday, September 27, 2019

'My Husband Repeated Rapes Me Even In Front Of Our Children' - Mother Of Five

'My Husband Raped Me Every Week For Five Years - Even In Front Of Our Children'

A mum-of-five who was repeatedly raped by her husband has bravely spoken out about the attacks, saying: "I'm relieved that I'm safe from his clutches."

Jane Hanmore, 35, said her ex Brian Hanmore, 40, raped her weekly for a decade and even sexually and physically assaulted her in front of their children.

She said he began mentally abusing her less than a year after they met and started dating, calling her "fat" and "lazy".

The relationship turned violent and one day the couple's young children walked into the kitchen while Brian was raping Jane and asked why she was crying.

Jane, a health care assistant from Poole, Dorset, said she wishes he had been jailed longer.

She added: "I'm speaking out to show others that you can rebuild your life after abuse.

"It's never too late to escape and get justice."

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