Friday, August 16, 2019

JUST IN!!!: Where Are The Fastest Fingers, Oya Come In For A Token

Hello!, good morning to all our devoted and lovely readers/visitors.

JUST IN!!!: Where Are The Fastest Fingers should come in for free airtime?

I'm not gonna talk much because I've got a little recharge card here to give out to the fastest finger of the day, or to those who are lucky to see this first.

We at freshReporters News Platform are saying a very big thanks to you all, keep visiting our website ( and if this is your first time visiting here, please be a part of us!!!.

Always share all our posts to social media as we will start rewarding the most active members weekly.

Here is the card for today:

75010 - 74499 - 72040 => Globacom

75010 - 71071 - 76846 => Globacom

1848 - 1081 - 8085 - 1911 => Airtel

We'll try to make it all networks next time.
Just keep in touch with .
Kindly drop a comment if you got anyone. Thanks.

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