Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Police IG Orders Arrest Of Senator Abbo, His Orderly Over Assault On Sales Girl

Senator Abbo and his orderly by an investigative team set up by the Police Force headquarters in Abuja.
Police IG Orders Arrest Of Senator Abbo, His Orderly Over Assault On Sales Girl
Investigations are currently onoing at the Federal Capital Territory police command into the alleged attack on a sales girl by a serving senator in Abuja.

The news of the attack went viral after a video recorded by the Close Circuit Television (CCTV), installed in the shop was shared on the social media, an act which is said to have embarrassed the police authorities.

The Police force says they are doing everything within their powers to restore dignity to the force, following the conduct of the police orderly attached to the senator.

According to Police sources, the incident actually happened in a sex-toy shop in Abuja, where the
Senator Abbo had gone to make purchases.

The video which has been circulating the internet, shows the angry senator beat up the sales girl, and ordered his police orderly to take her away.

The sex toy shop has reportedly been traced by the investigative team with a view of finding the truth on what happened from the owners.

The particulars of the police orderly attached to senator have also been gotten by the team, to effect his arrest and commit him to an orderly room trial for his conduct, to serve as a deterrent to others.

Police command in Abuja have reportedly established contact with the victim who only reported the incident to command on Tuesday after the incident had happened some days back.

She was, however, asked to report back on Wednesday for interview.

Public Relations Officer in charge of the command, Anjugurl Manzah, said that “we are monitoring the situation and we have commenced the process of investigation.


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