Monday, May 13, 2019

Omoyele Sowore Reacts To The Suspension As National Chairman Of AAC

Omoyele Sowore Has Reacted To The Suspension As National Chairman Of AAC

Omoyele Sowore Has Reacted To The Suspension As National Chairman Of AAC

 The NEC has announced the suspension Sowore today in Abuja, who also replaced with Leonard Nzenwa as the new National Chairman.

Read the statement :

“Since our party was registered, fellow party men and women, it has failed to hold the constitutional mandatory meetings. Huge monies, millions of naira and dollars have not properly been accounted for, particularly, hundreds of millions of dollars raised for our party’s presidential candidate.

“Allegations of foreign funds which were allowed to flow into the party in contravention of the provision of the 1999 constitution and the Electoral Act and were utilised by the party’s presidential candidate and certain individuals without knowledge of the party have been clearly established by all. We cannot be seen to be doing what the people we’re criticising are doing.”

Now, seeing Sowore's reaction, he revealed in a statement that it is actually the members led by Nzenwa that were suspended.

See Sowore's statement:

These members, led by Leonard Nzenwa, former national secretary, who was suspended for financial impropriety and anti-party activities, have demonstrated by their actions that they have never been, and have never shared, the core beliefs that those of us in the African Action Congress hold.”

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  1. I am kinda disappointed in sowore, not that I am putting the blame on him but for him to get himself entangled in a case of fraud and misappropriation of funds shows that truly. Nobody holy pass

  2. Chairman of aac shouldn't be suspended


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