Saturday, May 25, 2019

Lady Laments Bitterly After Govt. Demolished Her New Apartment

A Nigerian lady has cried out for help after the state government demolished the house she rented a month ago.

Lady Laments Bitterly After Govt. Demolished Her New Apartment

The lady who was identified as @unusual_wealth on Instagram, the house had been marked for demolition by the Lagos state government but the landlady who is based in the US allegedly connived with the caretaker, wiped off the demolition sign, repainted the house and gave it it out for rent.

On May 17th, she was at work when she received a call that her house was being demolished with all her properties and credentials inside the house.

See her post below:

''I didn't want to come on social media, but the prevailing situation has warrant me to take this step, because I am loosing It I came to Lagos from Benin after schooling 6 years ago to look for job. Getting a job wasn't easy for me. I did so many entrepreneurial jobs to survive till I was able to get a job with a mobile distribution company.

My work place is at opebi ikeja, while my residence was at idimu egbeda. So transmuting from idimu to opebi was not really convenient because of traffic
Early this yea, i had a bike accident that nearly cost my life. I decided to move closer to my office. I contacted an agent online who also directed me to another agent, Mr friday Umeh through whom i was able to get one room self contain at opebi. He is also the caretaker of the building. He told me the owner of the bungalow is one Mrs Julie Nkemdirim ORUCHE who is based in USA.
I asked to speak with her he obliged. I also did video calls with her.
I paid the sum of 300 hundred thousand on the 25th of march 2019 to the caretakers GtB account.
I also renovated the toilet, kitchen and the room window. I fixed new tiles and repaired the plumbing.
On Friday, 17th of may 2019 my neighbour called me from work that our house is being demolished.
I rushed down and behold, Lagos state demolition task force has already started demolished the building. I rushed in to see if i can be able to pick few things, but the dust was too much for my lungs ...I started choking and unable to breath ran out where I had asthmatic attack.
I became unconscious and was rushed to Lagos state emergency and accident unit, ojota.
As of now, I can't find most of my properties, my valuables especially my credentials.
This building has been marked for demolition for a while but the Landlady and caretaker repainted the building and gave it out for rent to Us.
Both the Landlady and the caretaker have not even bothered to talk to us since this incident.
I tried reaching her on whatsapp.
She ignored all my messages and calls until yesterday evening, 22nd of May 2019 .

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  1. This is very bad how will she start again

  2. Sorry for her oooo. That's the real meaning of the mission statement "this is Lagos, shine your eyes" God will help her..

  3. Charles IkwuakamMay 26, 2019 at 4:51 PM

    So sad
    Take heart

  4. Charles IkwuakamMay 26, 2019 at 4:53 PM

    Govt should compensate her

  5. Definitely Govt we Compensate those people the were affected.


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