Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kano Governor Ganduje To Emir Sanusi – Resign Or Be Sacked

Resign or you will be sacked - Ganduje reportedly tells Emir Sanusi

It's of high possibility that the ongoing probe by the Kano state government’s anti-corruption agency has being the gateway to the charges being filed against the Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II.

Sanusi’s status as the only first class emir in the state was whittled when the state government broke the emirate, carving out four new emirates and appointing first class emirs to rule them – Daily post reports

Freshreporters News gathered that the exercise which lasted only two days, fuelled speculations that the government was going after the emir over his rumoured support for the opposition during the recently concluded governorship election. The fresh investigation by the Kano state public complaints and anti-corruption commission as well as the bid to appoint new first class emirs by the state assembly kick-started almost simultaneously last week.

According, the source in the commission, who craved for anonymity, on Saturday, May 11, said that the ongoing probe on by the commission was targeting the emir, noting that, ''it will reach to a point where the commission will transfer the case to court for the emir to defend himself. After our findings, whoever is found wanting in misappropriating the public funds will be dragged before the court.

” It also stated that a government source disclosed that Emir Sanusi, after sensing trouble at the turn of events between the state government and the palace lately, sent business tycoon, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, to beg the governor to have a change of mind.

“I can confidently tell you that when the probe was renewed and the move for creation of four new emirates in the state started, the emir sent the renowned business mogul, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, to Ganduje to plead with him to stop the two moves. 

“However, Ganduje in his response told Dangote to go back and tell the emir that he should choose from three alternatives: To resign on his own or be removed from office or the government will create additional emirates in the state.

 “Ganduje assured Dangote that one of the three options must be implemented by government since the emir will not stop playing partisan politics against him. If not for the quick intervention by Dangote, Ganduje would have dethroned the emir,” the source revealed.

However, the source added that even though the governor has spared the emir being removed from office, there is likelihood that after the turbaning ceremony of the four new emirs, Ganduje will transfer the emir to another emirate and replace him with one of the newly appointed emirs. 

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  1. Gov ganbuje should be responsible for any crisis in kano state

  2. Charles IkwuakamMay 26, 2019 at 6:54 AM

    He should be held responsible for the outcome

  3. Charles IkwuakamMay 26, 2019 at 6:56 AM

    Ganduje should wise up

  4. Sanusi should have respect him self, as an emir he shouldn't be involving him self on political issues, he shouldn't care about who become a governor, senator, member or Local Govt chair.

  5. but the governor will still come back to the king

  6. please let the court decides on his case

  7. Battle for supremacy, it's laughable when leaders pay more attention to opposition than the primary objective of governance


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