Sunday, March 3, 2019

Two Allegedly Stab Praying Man To Death In Kano

Two suspected persons one name Babangida and the second known as Kamalu Musa has been arrested by the Kano State Police Command for allegedly stabbing someone to death.

This news was unraveled to the newsmen in Kano by PPRO of Kano State DSP Abdullahi Haruna.

According to Haruna he said the unfortunate happened on the 27th of February when the afore mentioned men used a knife to stab a man saying his prayer in a block industry.

The stabbed man whose name is Adamu Bala resides in same area with the suspects - Shekar Maidaki Quarters (Bubugaje Area): PPRO said.

The suspects are undergoing interrogations and further investigations are on.
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The PPRO added that the command had initially arrested someone who stab a friend on the chest over a football argument. Investigations are still going on after which the suspect will the charge to Court.

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  1. insecurity in all parts of the world God should pls save us

  2. this is very heartless why all this blood shedding on God .

  3. That's so heartless of them


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