Friday, March 29, 2019

Trump Threatens To Shut Mexico Border, Again

Trump threatens to shut Mexico border, again

On thursday, President Donald Trump dropped a threat to close the US-Mexican border again this disclosure made in a tweet that America’s southern neighbour is allowing illegal immigrants to cross-over without restriction.

"May close the Southern Border!” the president wrote.

“Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country. They are all talk and no action," he said.

"Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing. The Dems don’t care, such as BAD laws."

Can we say that new threat to shut one of the world’s busiest borders, separating two countries with massive economic and cultural links, shows Trump is doubling down on his bid to make immigration a keystone of the gathering 2020 reelection campaign ?

The Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has rejected Trump's criticism, telling journalists:
"We are doing something on this issue." "We are going to help in every way we can. We don't in any way want a confrontation with the United States," he said. But Lopez Obrador said that a solution would depend on "fundamentally addressing the causes of migration."

 Trump will likely highlight the issue when he hosts a campaign rally in Michigan later Thursday. On Wednesday, he referred to the need for more border walls to stop "people pouring in." "Other countries stand there with machine-guns ready to fire.

We can't do that," he told Fox News. "We are building massive, many, many miles of walls right now, and we are gearing up to do many more."

Source: AFP

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  1. I think Trump should close the border because lots of immigrants get into USA illegally

  2. what is between trump and mexico


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