Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Nigeria Overtook Egypt As Largest Rice Producer In Africa

Nigeria the largest rice producer in Africa with 4millon tonnes

» Harold Roy-Macauley said Nigeria  is currently rated the largest producer of rice in Africa.

»Nigeria overtook Egypt in production, now producing 4million tonnes per annum.

Nigeria is now the top rice producing country as it has overtaken Egypt, Harold Roy-Macauley said.

It's was noted that Egypt used to produced 4.3million tones of rice annually, but these had changed, it production has reduced by 40% owing to the fact that the Egyptian government want to limit cultivation in this year, 2019 in order to preserve water resources.

According to Harold Roy-Macauley, the Director General of Africa Rice Center(ARC), "Egypt annually consumes about 1.8billion metre of water for irrigation, transpiration and evaporation, and the rough rice produced yearly from Africa is about 14.2million tonnes."

A lot of efforts have being made to make sure that Africa's rice production increases but we're still in doubt if it will really restrain the importation of rice as population is becoming progressively more larger.

Roy-Macauley said they are ready to come in partnership with Nigeria and other African government through training of farmers, export officers and likewise the post-harvest care, understanding marketing demand and scaling up to their expectations.

Recall that the Governor of Kebbi state, Atiku Bagudu, mentioned in a meeting on December 19 that Nigeria is on it way leading Africa in Rice production. Stressing that president Mohammadu Buhari has render a full support into Agricultural practices.

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  1. where is the rice produced in nigeria sold too,but we still import rice in nigeria

  2. Charles IkwuakamMay 26, 2019 at 10:35 PM

    Am still seeing foreign rice in naija ooh

  3. That's a great improvement from Nigeria

  4. most of our nigerian rice is not up to standard


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