Monday, March 4, 2019

Ekiti Lawmaker Denies Plan To Withdraw From Saturday’s Election

Ekiti Lawmaker Denies Plan To Withdraw From Saturday’s Election

The PDP candidate , Ojo-Ade Fajana representing Ekiti east constituency 1 has denied the rumour that he has stepped down from the election coming up on Saturday.

According to Fajana "there is a rumour that all PDP candidate in Ekiti state have withdrawn from the race due to lack of confidence in electoral institutions, INEC, its a lie, why will I do that?"

Stating that he is the leading among all contestants in the race. He is strong enough and all constituents are fully ready to vite me again.

He also said that he has no reason to quite the race, he has affected so many lives positively.

His second term(reelection) will be become a reality due to his excellent performance during his first term.

However, the report of PDP house of Assembly candidates planing avoid election is still unconfirmed.

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