Friday, March 1, 2019

Breaking!!! INEC To Conduct Supplementary Elections

INEC To Conduct A Supplementary Elections

The latest news reaching us now is about the intention of INEC to conduct an additional election in order to make up with the election result of affected areas during the last februray 23rd elections.

This, according to meeting setup by INEC with all REC's present, the supplementary elections will take place on the 9th of this month(march), 2019 and it will be conducted alongside with the "state assemblies, governorship and Federal Capital Territory council polls".

According to the report which was confirmed by Obo Effang, a REC in the south-south, it was mentioned that all REC's whose polls was affected by the unfavorable incidence during the concluded election should submit a detailed information to the INEC for due considerations.

What's your view about INEC decision to conduct a supplementary election?

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