Thursday, March 21, 2019

Finally Atiku Releases Full Presidential Election Result From INEC Server

Atiku Abubakar just released his own presidential election result gotten from the server of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) server which he refered to as being the authentic result of the Feb23 electuion.

In his petition, Atiku claimed he won the presidential election to defeat President Muhammadu Buhari who was declared winner by the electoral body.
Atiku Releases Full Presidential Election Result From INEC Server

Atiku said that he polled 18,356,732 votes to defeat Buhari whom he claimed scored 16,741,430 votes.

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Atiku Releases His Own Presidential Election Result - See How it Goes

Part of the petition read: “The 1st Respondent wrongly and unlawfully credited the 2nd Respondent with votes which were not valid or lawful votes at various stages of the election, namely, at the polling units, the ward collating centres, local government collating centres and the State collating centres, with the result that the 2nd Respondent was wrongly returned when the said 2nd Respondent did not score majority of lawful votes. 

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“The Petitioners shall also call evidence of statisticians forensic examiners and finger-print experts at the hearing of the Petition to establish that the scores credited the 2nd Respondent were not the product of actual votes validly cast at the polling units. 

The Petitioners plead and shall rely on electronic video recordings, newspaper reports, photographs and photographic images of several infractions of the electoral process by the Respondents. 

“The Petitioners plead, state and contend that from the data in the 1st Respondent’s Server, as between the 1st Petitioner and the 2nd Respondent, the true, actual and correct results upon a State to State computation are as reflected under the scores of the1st Petitioner and the 2nd Respondent.”

See Full Presidential Election Result From INEC Server By Atiku

Seeing this full result showing fresh presidential election result from inec server, what do you have to say about Atiku's claim and result?

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  1. Charles IkwuakamMay 23, 2019 at 7:00 AM

    He is Court already
    Justice must prevail

  2. the question is this, did atiku truly got result from Inec server, how did he managed to get it.

  3. I believe atiku is going to win this case


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