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JAMB To Re-Confirm 2019 Mock And Main Exam Dates

JAMB To Re-Confirm 2019 Mock And Main Exam Dates

JAMB To Re-Confirm 2019 Mock And Main Exam Dates

The 2019 Jamb mock exam date has not yet been released.

We should be active here as it will be posted as soon as the date for both the mock and main exams will be released by the JAMB board.

Please disregard any information or rumour concerning the exam date. Continue to prepare while you await the date to be released soon as confirmed from JAMB.

Freshreporters hereby wish you all success in your Exams.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

LIVE UPDATES : "DAY2" Election Results By INEC

LIVE UPDATES : "DAY2" Election Results By INEC

Election result for twelve States

Below is the Day 2 results of the February 23rd Presidential election.
In case you missed previous results YOU CAN CHECK THEM OUT HERE

Result Presentation: Oyo State
APC: 365,229
AAC: 4,014
YPP: 1,608
ANN: 1,896
APC: 365,229
PDP: 366,690
AAC: 4,014
YPP: 1,608
ANN: 1,896

Result Presentation: Edo State

Edo State
APC: 267,842
PDP: 275,691
AAC: 3,106
YPP: 531
ANN: 273

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,150,127
Total No: of Accredited: 604,915
Total Votes Cast: 599,228
Total Valid Votes: 560,711
Rejected Votes: 38,517

Result Presentation: Ogun State
APC: 281,762
PDP: 194,655
AAC: 3,196
YPP: 553
ANN: 1509

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,336,887
Total No: of Accredited: 613,397
Total Votes Cast: 605,938
Total Valid Votes: 564,256
Rejected Votes: 41,682

Result Presentation: Lagos State
APC: 580,825
PDP: 448,015
AAC: 8,910
YPP: 5,733
ANN: 6,946

Total No: Reg Voters: 6,313,507
Total No: of Accredited: 1,196,490
Total Votes Cast: 1,156,590
Total Valid Votes: 1,089,567
Rejected Votes: 67,023

Result Presentation: Bauchi State
APC: 798,428
PDP: 209,313
AAC: 183
YPP: 112
ANN: 46

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,453,512
Total No: of Accredited:1,075,330
Total Votes Cast:1,061,955
Total Valid votes:1,024,307
Rejected Votes:37,648

Result Presentation: Adamawa State
APC: 378,078
PDP: 410,266
AAC: 282
YPP: 109
ANN: 162

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,959,322
Total No: of Accredited: 874,920
Total Votes Cast: 860,756
Total Valid Votes: 811,534
Rejected Votes: 49,222

Result Presentation: Benue State
APC - 347,668
PDP - 356,817
AAC - 309
YPP - 557
ANN - 201

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,391,276
Total No: of Accredited: 786,069
Total Votes Cast: 763,872
Total Valid Votes: 728,912
Rejected Votes: 34,960

Result Presentation: IMO State
APC: 140,463
PDP: 334,923
AAC: 467
YPP: 676
ANN: 119

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,037,569
Total No: of Accredited: 585,741
Total Votes Cast: 542,777
Total Valid Votes: 511,586
Rejected Votes: 31,191

Result Presentation: Plateau State

Total No: Reg Voters:2,423,381
Total No: of Accredited:1,074,042
Total Votes Cast:1,062,862
Total Valid Votes:1,034,853
Rejected Votes:28,009
Collation officer: Professor A. K Richard

Result Presentation: Kano State
AAC: 416
ADC: 591 ADP: 439 APC:1,464,768 PDP: 391,593 SDP: 635

Total No: Reg Voters:5,391,581
Total No: of Accredited:2,006,410 Total Votes Cast:1,964,751 Total Valid Votes:1,891,134 Rejected Votes:73,617
After 2019 Presidential kano state election result map breakdown

Result Presentation: Kastina State
APC: 1,232,133
PDP: 308,056
AAC: 186
YPP: 61
ANN: 82

Total No: Reg Voters:3,210,422
Total No: of Accredited:1,628,865
Total Votes Cast:1,619,185
Total Valid Votes:1,555,473
Rejected Votes:63,712

Result Presentation: Taraba State

APC: 324,906
PDP: 374,743 (Winner)
AAC: 116
YPP: 80
ANN: 35

Total No: Reg Voters:1,777,105
Total No: of Accredited: 756,111
Total Votes Cast: 741,564
Total Valid Votes: 712,877
Rejected Votes: 28,687
Announced by : Professor Shehu Adamu

Result Presentation: Rivers State
APC: 150,710
PDP: 473,971
AAC: 372
YPP: 415
ANN: 365

Total No: Reg Voters: 3,215,273
Total No: of Accredited: 678,167
Total Votes Cast: 666,585
Total Valid Votes: 642,165
Rejected Votes: 24,420

Result Presentation: Zamfara State
APC: 438,682
PDP: 125,423
AAC: 186
YPP: 44
ANN: 24

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,717,128
Total No: of Accredited: 616,168
Total Votes Cast: 597,224
Total Valid Votes: 578,439
Rejected Votes: 18,785

Result Presentation: Kebbi State
APC: 581,552
PDP: 154,282
AAC: 276
YPP: 53
ANN: 99

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,802,697
Total No: of Accredited: 835,238
Total Votes Cast: 803,755
Total Valid Votes:756,605
Rejected Votes: 47,150

Result Presentation: Sokoto State
APC: 490,333
PDP: 361,604
AAC: 181
YPP: 84
ANN: 124

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,895,266
Total No: of Accredited: 950,107
Total Votes Cast: 925,940
Total Valid Votes: 871,891
Rejected Votes: 54,049

Result Presentation: Sokoto State
APC: 118,821
PDP: 197,933 (Winner)
AAC: 126
YPP: 50
ANN: 37
Total No: Reg Voters:923,182

Total No: of Accredited:344,237
Total Votes Cast:335,856
Total Valid Votes:321,767
Rejected Votes:14,089

Result Presentation: Delta State
APC: 221,292
PDP: 594,068 (Winner)
AAC: 1,626
YPP: 497
ANN: 320
Total No: Reg Voters: 2,719,313

Total No: of Accredited: 891,647
Total Votes Cast: 882,254
Total Valid Votes: 829,762
Rejected Votes: 52,492

Result Presentation: Borno State
APC: 836,496
PDP: 71,788
AAC: 269
YPP: 78
ANN: 29

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,319,434
Total No: of Accredited: 987,290
Total Votes Cast: 955,205
Total Valid Votes: 919,786
Rejected Votes: 35,419

Result Presentation: Akwa Ibom State
APC: 175,429
PDP: 395,832
AAC: 222
YPP: 118
ANN: 95

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,119,727
Total No: of Accredited: 695,677
Total Votes Cast: 605,140
Total Valid Votes: 578,775
Rejected Votes: 26,365

Result Presentation: Cross River State
APC: 117,302
PDP: 295,737
AAC: 242
YPP: 217
ANN: 88

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,512,915
Total No: of Accredited: 461,033
Total Votes Cast: 446,046
Total Valid Votes: 421,901
Rejected Votes: 24,145

We hereby declear President Mohammadu Buhari(APC) as the newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

LIVE UPDATES: INEC Begins Official Declaration Of Presidential Election Results

LIVE UPDATES: INEC Begins Official Declaration Of Presidential Election Results

Live Updates: Inec Begins Official Declaration Of Presidential Election Results

This is a Live update of the concluded election's result!!!

Tension everywhere as the INEC committee is fully prepared and ready for the various announcements of results.
INEC Result announcement

INEC Result announcements taking place
The general of Nigerian Custom Service is present there and seated alongside with the APC spokesman, Festus Keyamo.

Introduction of the members of the high table took place.
See The Official Declaration Of Presidential Election Result By INEC Below.

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Result Of Ekiti State
APC - 219,231
APGA - 39
PDP - 154,032
PPA - 253
PPC - 126
PPN - 49
PT - 20
RAP - 14
RBNP - 11
RP - 6
SDP - 48
SNC - 339
SNP - 37
UDP - 17
UP - 11
UPN - 20
WTPN - 10
YES - 11
YPP - 68

Announced by : Proffesor Olayinka Idowu(Ekiti state electoral officer).
Signed by Idowu and other two parties' agent.
Sum of Reg Voters: 899,919
Sum of Accredited votes: 395,741
Sum of valid votes for 16 local government areas in Ekiti - 381,132
Rejected votes - 12, 577 votes
Total number of votes  - 393,709

Result Presentation : Osun State
ANN - 268
ANP - 67
ANRP - 155
APA - 1897
APC - 347,634
GDPN - 1,081
RAP - 49
MPN - 53
KP - 46
PT - 89
PDP - 337,377
UPN - 45
WTPN - 19
YPP - 189
AAC- 1,022
ADC- 1,525
ADP- 9,057
Osun State Election result

Sum of valid votes is - 714,682
Rejected votes is - 17,200
Sum of votes cast is- 732,882
Sum of Reg Voters- 1,674,729
Sum of Accredited- 732,984

Announced by: Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe(Vc. Of Lagos State University)
Signed by: 20 party different agents

See where PDP and APC stands after the announcement of two States
PDP - 491,409
APC - 566,865

» According to the INEC boss "the results of the next states will take about an hour to be ready".



Collation Reconvened (2:30pm)

Result Presentation : FCT
AAC: 583
ADC: 246
ADP: 145
APC: 152,224
PDP: 259,997
SDP: 410
AA - 51
ACPN - 48
ANP - 82
ANRP - 205
APC - 152,224
APGA - 255
BNPP - 19
CAP - 36
DPP - 284
FRESH - 76
GDPN - 501
GPN - 75
JMPP - 70
MAJA - 32
MMN - 165
NCMP - 19
NIP - 30
NPC - 127

Sum of Registered voters: 1,335,015
Sum of accredited voters: 467,784
Sum of votes:451,408
Rejected votes:27,457
Announced by : Prof. Moh'd S. L

Note: FCT's Collation officer said election did not hold in only one polling unit.

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Result Presentation : Kwara State

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,401 895
Total No: of Accredited: 489,482
Total Votes Cast: 486,254
Total Valid Votes: 459,676
Rejected Votes: 26,578

AAC- 401
ADC- 456
ADP- 203
APC- 308,984
PDP- 138,184
SDP- 212

Sum of Reg Voters: 1,401 895
Sum of Accredited: 489,482
Total Sum of Votes Cast: 486,254
Sum Valid Votes: 459,676
Sum of Rejected Votes: 26,578
Announced by : Prof. Abdullahi Bala(Vc. of FUTMINA)

Result Presentation : Nasarawa State
AAC - 75
AGAP - 49
ANDP - 12
ANN - 45
ANP - 10
ANRP - 37
APA - 338
APC - 289,903
APP - 20
CNP - 9
PDP - 283,947
DA - 17
DPC - 28
DPP - 133
FRESH - 16
HDP - 3
ID - 13
JMPP - 9
LP - 67
MAJA - 7
MMN - 128

Sum of Reg. Voters:1,509,481
Sum of Accredited votes: 613,720
Sum of vote cast: 580,778
Announced by: Azubuike Sunny Nwankwo (Vc of Nigerian Defense Academy)

The collation offer noted that there were cancellation of results in four different polling units.

» We'll be having a 30minutes break to get Ondo and Kogi state results ready. To reconvene at 5:00pm


» INEC resumes from break

Result Presentation : Kogi State
APP- 64
ACPN- 204
ADC 4369
ADP 499
AGA 68
ANN 89
APC 285,894
APDA- 480
DDP 250
FJP- 47
LP- 68
JMPP- 33
MAJA- 40
MMN- 311
NCP- 32
PDP- 218,207
PPA- 436
SDP- 2,226

Sum valid votes: 554,203
Sum total votes cast: 580,649

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Result Presentation : Gombe State
A- 73
AA - 52
AAP - 157
ACPN- 732
ADC - 248
ADP - 135
ANN - 78
ANP - 59
ANRP - 116
APA - 925
APC - 402,961
APM - 54
FRESH - 145
FJP - 168
GDPN - 1392
LP - 41
NCP - 69
NUP - 166
PCP - 1,679
PDP- 138,484
PPA- 407
PPN- 125
SDP- 248

Sum of valid vote : 554,203
Sum total votes: 580,649

» Result collation has been adjourn, to reconvene by 8:00pm

Result Presentation: Ondo State
GDPN- 525
JMPP- 44
LM- 51
LP- 1,437
MAJA- 74
MMN- 465
MPN- 128
NCP- 133
APC - 241,769
PCP- 4,829
PDP- 275,901
PPA- 588
PT- 116
SDP- 1,618
UDP- 96

Sum of valid votes : 555,994
Rejected votes: 30,883
Sum total of votes cast: 586,827

Result Presentation: Abia State
ANP- 68 
APA -501 
APC -85,058 
APDA 565 
APGA -9638 
FRESH- 47 
BNPP- 23 
CC- 18 
DA- 40 
LP- 92 
MAJA- 15 
MMN- 85 
NIP- 25 
NPC- 180 
PCP- 1,489 
PDP- 219,698 
PPA- 195 
SDP- 472 
WTPN- 1 
YES- 13 

Sum of valid votes: 323,291

Result Presentation: Yobe State
A -102
AAC- 137
AAP - 147
ADP - 107
APA - 1023
APC -497,914
APP -63
FRESH -213
GPN- 84
JMPP- 30
LP -28
NPC- 311
PCP- 2,107
PDP- 50,763
SDP- 180

Sum of valid votes: 559,365
Sum of total vote cast: 586,137
Announced by: Abubakar Musa( VC. of federal University Wukari, Taraba).

Result Presentation: Enugu State
A - 45
AA - 31
AAP - 109
ACPN - 80
ADC - 348
ADP - 137
AGAP - 79
ANDP - 27
ANN - 141
ANP - 24
ANRP - 14
APA - 422
APC - 54,423
DPP - 360
FRESH - 63
LP - 27
MAJA -22
MMN - 48
PCP - 2,337
PDP - 355,553
PPA - 373
SDP - 130
UDP - 43
UPN - 22
WTPN - 10
YES - 11

Sum of valid votes is 421,014
Sum of rejected votes is 30,049
Sum total of votes cast is 451,063
Sum of cancelled votes is 2,910 (which is from 4 polling units).
Announced by: the C.O Professor Joseph Ahanekwu
(VC. of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka)

Result Presentation: Ebonyi State
A - 23
AA - 27
AAC - 205
ACPN - 57
ADC - 213
ADP - 102
ANN - 683
ANRP- 47
APA - 290
APC - 90,726
APGA 222
AUN- 17
CNB- 35
DA- 35
DPP- 175
LM- 28
LP- 96
MAJA- 42
NCP- 55
PCP- 1,637
PDP- 258,573
SDP- 452
WTPN- 16
YES- 24

Sum total of valid votes is 359,131
Rejected votes is 20,263
Sum total of votes cast is 379,394
Announced by: Professor Francis Eze (VC. of Federal University of technology, Owerri).


» Collation has been adjourned, to reconvene tomorrow at 10:00am (26th, February)

» The result of the presidential election after declaration of 12 states:
So far,
PDP has earned a total vote = 2,690,616
APC has earned a total vote = 2,975,721

It's concluded that PDP won 5 states and APC has won in 7 States with a margin of 286,105.
...kindly stay tuned...

Result Presentation: Kaduna State
APC - 993,445 (Winner)
PDP - 649,612
AAC - 243
YPP - 196
ANN - 261

Result Presentation: Jigawa State

APC - 794,738 (Winner)
PDP - 289,895
AAC - 226
YPP - 67
ANN - 66

Sum of Reg Voters is 2,104,889
Sum of Accredited is 1,171,801
Sum total of Votes Cast is 1,149,922
Valid Votes is 1,106,244
Total Rejected Votes is 43,678

Result Presentation: Niger State

APC - 612,371 (Winner)
PDP - 218,052
AAC - 324
YPP - 113
ANN - 145

Sum total of Reg Voters is 2,375,568
Sum total of Accredited voters is 911,964
Sum of Total Votes Cast:896,976
Sum of Valid Votes: 851,937
Rejected Votes: 45,039

Result Presentation: Anambra State
APC - 33,298
PDP - 524,738
AAC - 124
YPP - 4,091
ANN - 45

All Reg Voters are 2,389,332
Sum of Accredited are 675,273
Sum total of Votes Cast are 625,035
Valid Votes only are 605,734
Rejected Votes are 19,301
Collation officer : Professor F. Ogbonaya

Result Presentation: Oyo State
See Results Here...

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Elections: Atiku,Wife vote In Adamawa

Elections: Atiku,Wife vote In Adamawa

Elections: Atiku, wife vote in Adamawa
The PDP presidential candidate has also casted his vote in Ajiya polling unit in his state, (Yola north L.G to be precise), Adamawa.

It was also noted that Atiku Abubakar's wife, Titi was along side with him and together they dropped their votes.

In case you missed this : Buhari and Aisha Vote In Daura.

Stay tuned.......

How is the election going in in your area??
BREAKING: Buhari, Aisha Vote In Daura

BREAKING: Buhari, Aisha Vote In Daura

BREAKING: Buhari, Aisha Vote In Daura

Mohammadu Buhari and his wife, Aisha have reportedly casted their votes in Kastina state at the Kofar Baru, Sarkin Yara “A” , Daura.

Buhari catsed his vote around 8:10am while his wife around 8:06am.

It was noted that the president was pleased with the electoral system, and was confident of winning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Boro Fans Expresses Excitement As Mikel Performed Impressively

Boro Fans Expresses Excitement As Mikel Performed Impressively

Boro Fans Expresses Gladness As Mikel Performed Impressively

Mikel Obi who is now playing with Middlesbrough right after he stopped his play with the Chinese club, Tiajin Teda.

The captain of the super eagles of Nigeria  has continued to make waves even in his new English championship club.

He made a lot of remarkable hits couple with the sense of perseverance, these made his team Middlesbrough won the 14th season against Blackburn Rovers on Sunday.

See some of the tweets on Middlesbrough's twitter page below:

John Obi Mikel is different gravy,” one of Boro’s fans @brucierioch tweeted.


Have we ever had a player so accurate at forward passing than Jon Obi Mikel,” another fan, @artyfarty 88 tweeted.

“Jon Obi Mikel on a free in the Championship is absolute day light robbery!,” @Stephen_scott 94 said.

“We’ve got Mikel, Jon Obi Mikel, I just don’t think you understand….. #theafricanzidane#,” @Cooky34 also tweeted.
Imo APC Assures Buhari Of Winning Saturday’s election

Imo APC Assures Buhari Of Winning Saturday’s election

Imo APC Assures Buhari Of Winning Saturday’s election

The All Progressive Congress party in IMO State Assures President Muhammadu Buhari of being reelected on Saturday, 23rd.

The APC state chairman in Imo State, Mr Daniel Nwafor in Oweri speaking to the journalists, that they are working restlessly to make sure that Buhari win  the election again.

"We are reorganizing our strategies to see that things works out as planned, but their might be low turn out of voters especially here in the southeast."

"It's certain that there will be high turnouts in both the North and west."

"Our people over here will be comfortable staying in their houses to watch live updates of the election, which is due to INEC's disappointment lack week."

"I pray I will be proven wrong. We've being holding series meetings, all these are done so as to ensure that Buhari win the election with full convictions."

Monday, February 18, 2019

Inflation Rate Drops To 11.37 Per Cent In January - NBS

Inflation Rate Drops To 11.37 Per Cent In January - NBS

Inflation Rate Drops To 11.37 Per Cent In January - NBS

It has been recorded according to National Bureau of Statistics(NBS) that the Customer Price Index(CPI) measured inflation in January 2019.

Report had it that the Price index which is 11.37% drop (inflation) is 0.07% lesser that of December, 2018 which was 11.44%.

The inflated CPI recorded experienced an increase year-on-year by 11.37% in January, 2019.

It was further stated that there was an increase by 11.66% of the urban inflation rate from the initial value of 11.73% in December, 2018.
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And that of the rural inflation rate had a change from 11.18% recorded in December, 2018 to 11.11% in January, 2019.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

INEC Returns Sensitive Electoral Materials To Awka CBN

INEC Returns Sensitive Electoral Materials To Awka CBN

INEC Returns Sensitive Electoral Materials To Awka CBN

Anambra State - INEC on Sunday(February 17) reported that all the kinds of sensitive electoral materials that was earlier brought in for the February 16 presidential and National Assembly elections have been safely returned.

Mr. Leo Nkedife, who is the INEC Head Voter Education and Publicity told our source in Awka-Ibom that the action was necessary so as to secure the election materials.

Details soon....
NANS Declares Monday, 18th Of February For Nationwide Protest

NANS Declares Monday, 18th Of February For Nationwide Protest

NANS Threatens Nationwide Protest Monday Over Polls Shift

The National Association Of Nigerian Students (NANS) sends a warning message about going launching a protest on Monday due to INEC's postponement of the general election.

On Saturday, Mr Azeez Adeyemi- the spokeman of the Nigerian students released this threat while speaking to some newsmen on Saturday.

According to Adeyemi "the association has been fully mobilized and that nothing can stop them from carryout the exercise on Monday" which is 18th of February, 2019.

The President was accused of not putting in his best and that he has performed below what was expected.
He also stressed the fact that the INEC chairman should be out of office.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

BREAKING: INEC Postpones Till February 23

BREAKING: INEC Postpones Till February 23

BREAKING: INEC Postpones Till February 23

Good day all!.
We are bring to your notice that INEC has postponed the forthcoming presidential and National Assembly election that was initially scheduled to take place on 16th, Saturday now to hold on the 23rd which is next week Saturday.

This decision was made after a long discussion meeting which started on 15th(Friday) and end by 1:30am on 16th(Saturday).

Professor Mahmood Yakubu alongside with twelve commissioners who were at the meeting in Abuja had to take a decision that night due to some logistic and operational planning issues on ground.

Well!, let's wait for the news in details...

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

You’ll Weep On Saturday, Oshiomhole Tells Rivers PDP

You’ll Weep On Saturday, Oshiomhole Tells Rivers PDP

You’ll weep on Saturday, Oshiomhole tells Rivers PDP

Adams Oshiomhole, the chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has praised the supporters of APC in Rivers. This statement was made during the campaign rally at Portharcourt on Tuesday.

He mentioned that the President discomfortable seeing that there were a lot of attempts to award elective posts to the People's Democratic Part(PDP).

Stressing further that they have worked hard in Zamfara state to make sure their people have their rights to select what they are interested. But in the case of River state it was the opposite that's happening.

This led to his saying that "our rights can only be frozen but can never be taken away."

In the same vein he praised its supporters for their continuous backups despite the inconducive political arduous in the state.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Buhari In Trouble As Crowd Ended His Campaign In Ogun Sate Today

Buhari In Trouble As Crowd Ended His Campaign In Ogun Sate Today

Crowd Disorganize Buhari Campaign In Ogun Sate Today

Just at the Presidential campaign of the All Progressives Congress' (rally) on  the 11th of February, 2019 (monday) held in Ogun state, Abeokuta to be precise.

Buhari started his speech by mentioning the achievements his regime has been able to put in place.

It was observed that grievances were accosted from the audience which latter became calm when he said it's their right to vote any candidate of their choice in the forthcoming election. 

After president Buhari end the speech it was now time to present the APC gubernatorial candidate to the people. Dapo Abiodun who is the governorship candidate was asked to move to Buhari's right. Immediately Buhari raised Abiodun's left hand up for endorsement the crowd became frantic throwing all manner of objects to the stage where Buhari was.

It took the special efforts of the security operatives to shield Buhari from been hurt.

The campaign rally finally ended up in an unplanned manner, as the security guards had to lead the President and some other off the Stage and out of the area.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Man Threatens To Kill Himself Before May 29 If This Happens

Man Threatens To Kill Himself Before May 29 If This Happens

Man Threatens To I’ll Kill Myself Before May 29 If Buhari Loses Elections

A passionate follower of the All Progressive Congress(APC) party made a threat on killing himself if president Buhari loses re-election.

A man whose name is Adamu Kabir Matazu, an indigene of Kastina - as seen from his Facebook timeline he's a public figure, this man released a suicidal statement on his Facebook page.

Here's what he posted on his facebook page
"If Buhari lose (sic) the February 16th Presidential election, I will commit suicide before May 29th because I can’t afford to live under Atiku Presidency. So help me God."

Also Read:- Peter Obi Escapes Death As APC And PDP Clash In Abuja Today

This single post has attracted not less than 335comments and shares of about 181. Some of the comments which are actually commendations.

Do you think politics is worth dying for?. Leave your comment below!.
Peter Obi Escapes Death As APC And PDP Clash In Abuja Today

Peter Obi Escapes Death As APC And PDP Clash In Abuja Today

Peter Obi Escapes Death As APC And PDP Clash In Abuja Today

Atiku's running mate, Peter Obi escapes death today in Abuja.

It happened that Peter Obi came to Dei- Dei particularly the international building material market in Abuja.
There he spoke with the marketers and also did his Atiku-Obi campaign.

After his activities in that area he took his leave. On his journey back some All Progressive Congress(APC) supporters moving with their convoy suddenly obstructed and started attacking Peter Obi's convoy, a fight broke out immediately.

While trying to attack Peter Obi some Igbo guys intervened and destroyed the APC guy's cars.

See some photos after the cut...

Peter Obi Escapes Death

Cars Burnt As APC And PDP Clash In Abuja Today

APC car burning during Inter party clash

Abuja  boys set Apc car's on fire for fight Peter Obi

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

INEC Extends Deadline For PVC Collection

INEC Extends Deadline For PVC Collection

INEC extends deadline for PVC collection

The collection of the permanent voters card(PVC) was initially scheduled to stop today (08/02/2019).
The latest news reaching us now about the collection of PVC is that it has been extended.

Mahmoud Yakubu who opened the meeting said they will the extension action will be made due to complaints gotten from various sections of its agency.

Therefore it will extended till Monday(11/02/2019). Saturday and Sunday will be open for collection of PVCs .

So, if you've not collected yours kindly rush down and get it now!. The INEC officials will be available from 9:00am all through to 6:00pm.

Everybody is expected to vote come 16th of this month (February).

Remember your vote counts!!!.
"We Don't Believe In Politics Of Godfathers And Endorsements" - Sowore To Wole Soyinka

"We Don't Believe In Politics Of Godfathers And Endorsements" - Sowore To Wole Soyinka

African Action Congress (AAC) candiw

The African Action Congress candidate, Omoyele Sowore, has replied the Noble Laureate Wole Soyinka who recently endorsed the Young Progressive Party (YPP) candidate,Kingsley Moghalu.

According To Sowore who said " he neither believe in the politics of godfatherism, godmotherism nor endorsements."

As a response through the AAC Campaign Director-General, Sowore said that: "the only opinions that matter... the only voices of influence are not those of privilege, power, status, or fame".

"The only endorsement that matters to us is the one the Nigerian people have already given us. We are the voice of the Nigerian people, and the only organic platform that will represent the interest of the Nigerian masses.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Almost 60,000 People Displaced In Northeast Nigeria Since November – UN

Almost 60,000 People Displaced In Northeast Nigeria Since November – UN

Over that the last three months there has been an unsual rise in insurgency which has led to fifty-nine thousand two hundred(59,200) people being displaced from their homes in the northeastern part of Nigeria, says the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
Almost 60,000 People Displaced In Northeast Nigeria Since November – UN
The United Nations Migration Agency described the situation as due to an "increased sophistication" in the attacks carried out in Northeast Nigeria.

It was noted that the boko haram millitants are part of contribution to the long-standing humanitarian crisis in some specific states such as Adamawa, Yobe, and Borno and it has gradually moved into Lake Chad.

According to Celestin who expressed that over the last two months now the boko haram militants have being launching series of attacks on communities and claim some towns. He further stated that civilians have been mute and enduring the dispute that has birthed the displacement and violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.

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