Sunday, October 14, 2018

Special Info To Those Commenting Without A Specific Name

Good day everyone, it has come to our notice that comments are been left on this platform and the people that dropped the comments do not have a specific name.

For example :- there is someone that commented, the name of the person is "UNKNOWN" , see screenshot below.....
How to create comment profile on freshreporters media

The reason why you should have a specific name is so that you can be awarded our weekly giveaway . Imagine someone that commented with a name "Anonymous" this case we will not know who exactly to reward because he or she has no name.


To comment on this platform and stand a Chance of winning our Best Top 4 commenter weekly giveaway do this:-

There are two ways you can comment on this blog. Choose which ever method you want.
1.) Kindly sign-in to your gmail account, then come back to this platform to drop comment on our posts.

2.) You can also login to your Facebook account, then come to this platform and comment as seen in the image below.

Thanks you all!!!.

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