Saturday, September 15, 2018

Get Airtime Recharge Every Week On FreshReporters News Media

Get Airtime Recharge Every Week On FreshReporters News Media

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We here, have been brainstorming on a way to engage our sincere readers, everyone is very important to us here, we value you all!.
To this end, we recently kicked off a comment contest designed to reward our loyal blog readers.
This contest is known as "weekly airtime giveaway".

OK... Let's go there!!!!


At the end of every week we will chose those that drop comments on our post and reward them. This is how we will reward them: we will select the first four(4) people with the highest number of comments.
After which we will evaluate their comments and then announce their name on this platform, ask them to drop their mobile numbers for it to be awarded with Airtime.

Note: the No.1 highest commenter will receive higher value of airtime more than No.2. Likewise No.2 receiving more than No.3.

It's as simple as that.

A lot of things will be coming up soon.
This is just the starting point, we will later move to a stage of Bank Transactions to award our readers. Just watchout!.

Don't be selfish, Share this post with your friends.
I declare this contest OPEN!!!.

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