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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Cardi B, the Grammy award-winning rapper, is known for her eccentric fashion statements.

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Her custume display set ablaze, Mens Fashion Week in Paris in a Marine Serre jumpsuit.

Internet users couldn’t stop talking about the outfit, with some users tilting towards rocking the outfit and others claiming they wouldn’t dare.

See photos below;

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Photos: Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Outfit To Men Fashion Week In Paris

Your Action May Lead You To Early Grave –  Eze Ofoegbu Warns Wike

Your Action May Lead You To Early Grave – Eze Ofoegbu Warns Wike

Following Governor Nyesom Wike's viral video where he was criticising traditional rulers and threatening to depose them for failing to attend a meeting with their staff of office.

Your Action May Lead You To Early Grave – Monarch, Eze Ofoegbu Warns Wike

The governor was seen called one of the monarchs a ‘trouble maker’.

Wike's accusations have generated mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media, describing his action as disrespectful.

Reacting the governor's statement, the Paramount ruler of Umudiawa Ohuhu Ancient community in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, His Royal Majesty, Eze Nnamdi Ofoegbu, has blasted Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State over his recent verbal attacks on the traditional stools in Rivers.

In his reaction on Saturday in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, Eze Ofoegbu advised the controversial Rivers Governor to desist from insulting the revered traditional stools as that may attract the wrath of the gods.

Eze said;

It is not advisable for the Traditional Rulers be going to meetings with their “Staff of office”. Governor Wike, this is very wrong of you and unacceptable to have commanded your Royal kings to stand up before you with their staffs of office.

This character may draw you to your early grave.
'Why We Rejected Blood Transfusion For Our Baby'

'Why We Rejected Blood Transfusion For Our Baby'

About a week ago, the Lagos State Government rescued a 14-day-old baby girl after her parents refused to allow her have blood transfusion, citing religious beliefs.

'Why We Rejected Blood Transfusion For Our Baby'

The Lagos State Government evacuated the baby via a court order following information from a concerned member of the public informed its Office of the Public Defender that Mr and Mrs Emmanuel Onokpise had, contrary to medical advice, discharged their severely ill baby from hospital after refusing her blood transfusion on religious and medical grounds.

Baby Onokpise, who was born on December 18, 2019, is now in an orphanage home.

Mr Emmanuel Onokpise, the father of a severely jaundiced 14-day-old premature baby who denied the baby life-saving blood transfusion on medical and religious grounds, on Saturday explained his side of the story.

According to Mr Emmanuel, he and his wife were never informed their child was in any danger of death to the baby due to the weight.

Reacting to the incident, Onokpise, in a statement, said he and his wife loved their child and believed in medical intervention to cure ailments.

He added that being Jehovah’s witnesses, they also had an obligation to obey Jehovah’s commandment to abstain from blood consumption.

When asked what was wrong with the baby before it was taken to hospital, he said;

The doctors informed us after she was delivered that she had jaundice. She was being treated for it.

The diagnosis in the hospital revealed a case of jaundice.

The doctor at the hospital of birth said he needed to transfuse her with blood because that is the remedy he knows, and he admitted that his hospital is not as equipped as another hospital that could treat her without blood transfusion.

He denied discharging the baby against medical advice.

Onokpise said;

The doctor at the hospital of birth discharged my daughter because he could not treat her without administering blood transfusion, which I had considered as not being in the best interests of the child. He referred us to a better equipped hospital that can treat the baby without administering blood and wrote a referral letter to that effect. So we did not have any issues with the hospital.

When we were discharged from Avon Hospital, we were referred to Outreach Children Specialist Hospital, who we were informed could treat our daughter’s condition without blood. When we were discharged from Outreach Children Specialist Hospital, because we could not continue to afford the charges, we sustained the treatment of our daughter with traditional therapy against jaundice until she was readmitted to Massey Children Hospital, where she was being treated successfully with erythropoietin that we purchased.

The doctors at all the 3 hospitals did not inform us of any danger of death to the baby due to the weight. They only said that the baby may be negatively affected if the jaundice is not treated, and we vigorously pursued her treatment in two other hospitals other than the first.

I can understand why they hold that view. It is because they do not know how much I loved my daughter and all the steps we took to get her proper treatment. We exhausted all our finances and were contacting one doctor after another to get the best treatment for her. What we simply wanted was for the medical staff to treat our daughter effectively without the risks associated with a blood transfusion and in a way that leaves us with a good conscience before God, the Giver of life.

I have read of many dangers associated with blood transfusions. I have also read of medical cases where people who were treated by Doctors without blood fared better than those who were treated with blood transfusion. Furthermore, Jehovah, the creator, expressly prohibits the ingestion of blood. He made this law both before and during the Christian era.

I feel that the government was presented with none-factual information, and that they acted as they deemed best with the information they had. Perhaps fairness would have required that they heard us also, but that wasn’t done.

It does not seem like something any parents would pray for to wake up in the morning to the visit of total strangers, some with guns, insisting on taking their beloved baby away

We have observed God’s law on blood for ourselves and our baby. We do not take responsibility for the actions of the government. We love our baby dearly and pray she gets well—and does not develop any future health complications traceable to the well-known risks of blood transfusion. We look forward to training her to be a responsible citizen alongside her siblings.

Again, we can understand such views based on misinformation concerning us and our daughter. We did all that we could as loving parents to ensure our baby gets the best available medical care within our means, including borrowing to pay for her treatment at Outreach Hospital. My wife and I have been going to the hospital every day to look after our baby even when we are not allowed to see her. We have been paying for medication prescribed by the doctors at Massey Children Hospital.  We are waiting for her to be discharged so we can take her home. Does that describe cruelty?

The doctors had not given him any report, and I do not have free access to her (the baby). My wife was even prevented from breastfeeding the baby. But through every means we can eke out, we keep checking on her wellbeing.

My wife and I are peace-loving people as can be attested to by others. Of course, we look forward to taking our daughter home and raising her. To someone else, she is only “the child”, but to us, she is our daughter, a gift from Jehovah.
Man Arrested For Abducting, Defiling 13yrs-old Girl

Man Arrested For Abducting, Defiling 13yrs-old Girl

A man identified as Godwin Ihwokpaiwho, who is a widow and father of seven has been arrested by the police for allegedly abducting a 13-year-old girl for three days and allegedly having carnal knowledge with her.

Man Arrested For Abducting, Defiling 13yrs-old Girl

The victim's mother upon noticing that her daughter had left home and was in custody of the suspect, lodged a complaint at the police station with an appeal on the police to warn and restrain the suspect from coming close to her daughter.

However, upon interrogation, the victim admitted to the police that she had gone to the apartment of Godwin voluntarily following previous encounters where he normally buys her biscuits and noodles each time she feels hungry.

She added that, Godwin who is in his 60's, only slept with her once during her three days stay with him.

A security source privy to the matter disclosed that the suspect admitted to having carnal knowledge with the victim during her brief stay with him.

The source said;

The victim had told her mother that she was going to buy noodles, only for her to divert to the suspect’s abode where she was until she was discovered by her mother.

We also discovered that the victim had gone to the residence of the man voluntarily as they have been seeing themselves as lovers before now. For now, the police is on top of the matter and the victim will be charged to court upon completion of investigation.
Oshiomhole Attempting To Politicize The Judgment Of The Supreme Court On Imo - PDP

Oshiomhole Attempting To Politicize The Judgment Of The Supreme Court On Imo - PDP

Adams Oshiomhole who earlier accused the opposition party of "laying the foundation for election rigging" in the country.

Oshiomhole Attempting To Politicize The Judgment Of The Supreme Court On Imo - PDP

Stressing that the PDP "lacks the moral right" to question the decision of the Supreme Court on the declaration of Uzodinma as winner of the 2019 Imo state governorship poll.

He also recalled how the PDP applauded the Supreme Court's decision against the APC in Zamfara , Sokoto, and Rivers states said it beats his imagination that the PDP chose to "throw caution to the wind and malign" the same legal institution after its verdict on the Imo governorship appeal.

Reacting to the statement accredited to APC party chairman, the people's democratic party, PDP, has lambasts the National Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole, for attempting to politicize the accursed judgment of the Supreme Court on the Imo State Governorship election despite evident consensus by the generality of Nigerians for a review.

Taking to the party's twitter handle the PDP share a photo of the released state and wrote;

The @OfficialPDPNig lambasts the Nat. Chairman of the fizzling @OfficialAPCNg, Adams Oshiomhole, for attempting to politicize the accursed judgment of the Supreme Court on the Imo State Governorship election despite evident consensus by the generality of Nigerians for a review.

Copy of the statement;

Oshiomhole Attempting To Politicize The Judgment Of The Supreme Court On Imo - PDP

The twitter post;

However, it can be recalled that many Nigerians expressed surprise after the apex court in Abuja on Tuesday sacked the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governor in Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha, and declared the APC candidate, Hope Uzodinma, as the winner of March 9 governorship election in the state.

This has brought heated tension, since then there has being war of words between the two political parties.
The Biafran War Was Fought To Keep Nigeria As One - Gowon

The Biafran War Was Fought To Keep Nigeria As One - Gowon

Retired General Yakubu Gowon, who is a Former Head of State, ruled during the deadly Nigerian Civil War, which caused the death of almost 3 million people, most which were civilians.

The Biafran War Was Fought To Keep Nigeria As One - Gowon

During his rule, the Nigerian government was able to prevent the Biafran secession during the Civil War, which start in 1967 and ended in 1970.

The ex-military ruler said his administration had no regret going into the Biafra war because it was necessary to keep Nigeria one.

Gowon said this on Wednesday, in a special interview he granted the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation, as part of activities marking the 50th anniversary of the end of the Nigerian civil war.

He said;

The war was fought to keep Nigeria one, not for other reasons as is being speculated in some quarters. It is because of this that we don’t have regrets about fighting the war.

We fought because of our love for our country. That is why at the end of the war, we declared that there was no victor, no vanquished.

The retired general, however, cautioned those he said were trying to turn back the hands of time with their conduct and utterances to desist from doing so in order to prevent a descent into chaos.
Man Demands Divorce From Wife For Being Ugly After Regaining Sight

Man Demands Divorce From Wife For Being Ugly After Regaining Sight

33-year-old Cynthia alleged that her husband who was blind before they got married demanded a divorce from her after regaining his sight. 

Man Demands Divorce From Wife For Being Ugly After Regaining Sight

According to her, after a successful surgery that helped her husband regain his sight, he is seeking to part ways with her because she is ugly.

The husband now claims his wife is “ugly” and for this reason he will want a divorce so he could go after the many beautiful woman he sees.

Cynthia who is heartbroken, wrote;

My name is Cynthia, I’m 36 years old and I got married to this man who I love not because of his money (we’re not rich though but we’re contented with what we have) but I love because I chose him from my heart. Although his parents begged me into marrying him but I still gave him love.

To cut all stories short, I married him a blind man and since then, due to the love I have for him I’ve been running helter-skelter to find a solution to his blindness. Two years later we finally did an operation for him and God gave him back his sight. This money I used was the one I borrowed from my company.

A week after he regained his sight he didn’t start sleeping home and I heard that he had been carrying a lady around. I never believed all these but if I don’t what reason do I want to give for him not coming home. So one day, he came home and I talked senses to him and told him the story of his life about how I suffered and gave him love when he was nothing. But the word he said to me is that “Love is blind, and it’s because of his blindness that made him marry me an UGLY woman” he said his eyes are now opened and he can see a lot of beautiful ladies.

What do I do to this ungrateful man because all I can think of is to send him back to how he was before. Because I’m already planning to pour acid on him to disfigure him back.

I need your advice, please?

Imo Judgement: Atiku, PDP Chairman Call For Protest

Imo Judgement: Atiku, PDP Chairman Call For Protest

Atiku Abubakar has called on his party to mobilise against what he described as “threats to democracy” by the Supreme Court judgement that ordered the removal of Emeka Ihedioha of the PDP, as Imo State governor, and his replacement with Hope Uzodinnma of the All progressives Congress.

Imo Judgement: Atiku, PDP Chairman Call for Protest

Former vice president, said this during the 87th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the party in Abuja, on Friday.

Atiku added that, if the Supreme Court decision on Imo State was left unchallenged, “It will be the end of our hard-earned struggle for democracy, including our founding members who are today not alive.”

Atiku’s call on the PDP to mobilise against the “threats to democracy” was a reversal of his earlier advice that the party and Ihedioha accept the Supreme Court verdict on Imo State.

He said;

Our great party fought and brought democracy and development to our great country. Our party governed very well from 1999 up to 2015. As true Democrats, we conceded power to the opposition in the hope that it would further entrench democracy, development and unity. But alas, Nigerians have been proved wrong by the governing APC.

It has become very necessary for us to mobilise Nigeria to resists the threat to our democracy, unity and development. Therefore, I will like to propose that a strong committee be setup forthwith to review the last elections and recommend to the party needed reforms and how to address the challenges in the last election.

But what cannot wait is that we should not take what has been happening in our democratic process with the role of INEC, security agencies and the judiciary for granted. If we take all these roles for granted, that will be the end of our hard-earned struggle, including that of our founding members, some who are today not alive. What can we say we have done to their struggles as they lay in their graves? Therefore, as long as we are alive, it is our responsibility to reincarnate the struggle that brought about the democracy of today that the APC governing party is threatening.
Also reacting to the supreme court judgement, The National Chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus, also called for protest and raised the alarm that the APC was plotting to arm twist the Supreme Court to rule against the PDP governors of Sokoto and Benue states, and favour the APC governors in Kano and Plateau states.

Secondus said the PDP NWC had credible intelligence that the Presidency and APC leadership were still arm twisting the Judiciary to ensure they deliver to them four states won by the PDP –  Sokoto, Benue, Bauchi and Adamawa – “while keeping states like Kano which we clearly won.”

The PDP National Chairman said;

We have demanded that the seven Justices that participated in the Imo judicial fraud should rescue themselves from the remaining cases involving the PDP.

We know that the APC and President Buhari have taken our civility for weakness and inability to act. We have made it abundantly clear that since they have chosen injustice, using the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, they should be ready to embrace the consequences of their actions.

According to the 3rd President of America, Thomas Jefferson, when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. This is the point we are now, as the APC is using the highest court in the country to legitimise injustice.

He, however proposed that PDP NEC members should embark on a protest against the judgement of the Supreme.

According to him, the proposed protest was to impress on Nigerians that injustice had been done to the party.
'How My Waist Beads Saved Me From Rape' - Gloria Narrates Life In Lebanon

'How My Waist Beads Saved Me From Rape' - Gloria Narrates Life In Lebanon

A 33-year-old Gloria Tayelolu Bright, who is a native of Eruku in Ekiti council of kwara state, who was recently rescued from servitude in far away Lebanon narrates her story. 

'How My Waist Beads Saved Me From Rape' - Gloria Narrates Life In Lebanon

Gloria reveal how waist beads saved her from rape, according to her, she bought the beads for fashion, but it eventually saved her from from the hands of those who lured her to the far Lebanon for slavery related endeavours.

Gloria who is a single mother of two children, a boy and a girl, kept her planned move to Lebanon secret, thinking the trip would land her a gold mine.

According to her, she had mistaken any trip abroad for “instant wealth and Eldorado.

Due to the ongoing investigation of her case by the NAPTIP, which might eventually snowball into a legal firework at the appropriate time, she said she would not, “for now,” disclose certain information about her ordeals to the press.

She said;

I was linked up by a fellow who facilitated my movement to Lebanon sometime in October last year. The fellow dangled before me a teaching job of English language if I would go, even though my academic qualification is Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Accountancy.

There was no nexus between what I read and what I was being offered, but the desire to travel abroad overwhelmed my sense of reasoning as at the time in question.

The first thing I observed on getting there was the inclement weather condition. The cold was so much on my health that each time I coughed, I was throwing up blood-stained sputum with serious chest pains. Besides, rather than taking me to any school as a teacher as planned, I was subjected into a house help job, fetching water with heavy buckets from a distance location into the storey building apartment I was housed in. I was working like a slave, doing all sorts of menial jobs.

To worsen my situation, my master started making advances towards me. I tried all I could to ward him off, but he would not relent. I had to call him aside one day to let him know that no other man could sleep with me aside the one that gave me the waist bead. He dared me by asking me of the likely consequences of him having the affair with me, despite the repeated warnings.

I promptly told him that such a man would be mentally deranged for six days and that on the seventh day, he would die. That narration calmed him down temporarily and it gave me a momentary sigh of relief. That was how my waist beads saved me from being raped. But my life became miserable and I had to think of the way out of it, so that I would not die in a strange land.

I suddenly discovered that there was a Wi-Fi telephone network within the house and that afforded me the opportunity to send the video of my ordeals that I learnt became viral. In the process, the Phemic Life Support Foundation, based in Ilorin, with office in Lagos and headquarters in London, came to my rescue. I am happy to be home at last; there is no place like sweet home.

I want to warn other Nigerians who think abroad is a paradise to think twice before embarking on a wild goose chase.

Reacting to the development, Mr. A. O. Ayeni, the Public Relations Officer of Kwara State Command of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) said, when the matter was reported to the state headquarters of the para-military body, the officers and men swooped into action and promptly effected the arrest of two out of the three principal suspects.

He said;

With the directive of the Commandant, Mr. Bello Ale, our operational unit went into action as early as 2:00am, leading to the arrest at separate locations in Ilorin of a 66-year-old Lebanese, Wafic Hamze, and one Taofeek Sanusi, a lawyer. But one Joseph is said to be at large as at today (yesterday), January 17.

They are mere suspects and have been handed over to the NAPTIP in Oshogbo.

The NSCDC spokesman said, Even though Gloria looked healthy at sight, sources said the NAPTIP might arrange for her thorough medical checks to ascertain her true state of health and possible treatment.

She was eventually handed over to Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRasak, who in turn handed her over to her parents before the intervention of NAPTIP for more investigations and likely prosecution.
My Husband Is Lazy, He Pocketed The Money I Borrowed For Our Rent — Woman

My Husband Is Lazy, He Pocketed The Money I Borrowed For Our Rent — Woman

The seven year old marriage between Ganiyat Muyideen and her husband, Lateef Muyideen was devolved by the Oja Oba/Mapo  Court C  Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

My Husband Is Lazy, He Pocketed The Money I Borrowed For Our Rent — Woman

According to Ganiyat who approached the court for divorce accused her husband of laziness.

She added that he was not trustworthy and had refused to refund the money she lent him.

She also ask the court to grant her custody of the only child produced by their marriage.

She said;

My lord, my husband has turned himself a liability. He’s lazy and not ready to work.

He kept saying he wanted to go into politics and I told him he still needed a stable job aside being a politician but he refused to listen to me.

I daily shoulder the responsibility of running the home and Lateef feels comfortable with it. I feed the home and pay the rent

My lord, I took a loan of N200, 000 for our rent and handed it over to my husband so that he could pay our landlord. To my surprise, Lateef failed to pay the total amount. He gave the landlord half of the money with the promise of paying the balance at a stipulated time. He then appealed to the landlord not to tell me. The cat was let out of the bag when he reneged on his promise.  Our landlord came shouting and embarrassing us.

My lord, Lateef is in the habit of beating me mercilessly. He has often threatened to kill. The last time we fought, he refused to let me go until I threatened to stab him.

Appearing before the court, Lateef accepted to divorce his wife, but denied all the allegations against him.

He, however stated that his wife dragged him to court to save her face. According to him, she indulges in extra-marital affair.

According to him, he said;

My lord, all Ganiyat has said is excuse to save her face. She’s a slot. I did all in my power to make her comfortable and happy when I was financially buoyant. But she neglected me and started messing around with other men when my fortune nose-dived, Lateef told the court.

Rather than abandon her and take another wife like other men do when she experienced a delay in child bearing, I stood by her and encouraged her. She eventually had our only child.

My lord, I was the one who trained her in school. I sponsored her training in the higher institution.

Ganiyat feels happy only when I give her money. To show that I love her dearly, I handed over my ATM card to her to withdraw money from my account as the need arose.  But she changed towards me immediately she realised I struggling to survive.

She starts receiving calls from her lovers as early as 5:00 am. I have shown my displeasure at this but she refused to change.  Ganiyat developed skillful ways of carrying out her atrocities, but unknown to her, I always got to know.

Her phone was with me during the last Ileya festival and a particular man never ceased calling her. He didn’t stop until I made my identity known to him.

My lord, I still love my wife despite all she has done,

Chief Ademola Odunade, the court president, dissolved their marriage, and the custody of their only child was granted to the plaintiff and instructed the defendant to give the plaintiff N5, 000 monthly as their child’s feeding allowance. This he said must be paid through the court.

He further instructed the defendant to be responsible for his education and health service.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Shehu Sani Files N100m Lawsuit Against EFCC

Shehu Sani Files N100m Lawsuit Against EFCC

Senator Shehu Sani has been detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for alleged $25,000 bribe which the ASD Motors proprietor, Alhaji Sani Dauda claimed to have offered him.

Shehu Sani Files N100m Lawsuit Against EFCC

The senator has since denied the allegations, describing it as a “hoax and an attempt to dent his name in order to stop him from criticising the government of the day.”

However, Shehu Sani has sued the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for unlawfully detaining him for nearly three weeks.

The suit document which was filed before Justice A. B. Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Gudu, Abuja, on Friday, indicated that the hearing would begin on Monday 20th January, 2020.

Abdul Ibrahim, SAN, Counsel to Sani, has asked the anti-graft agency and the proprietor of ASD Motors, Alhaji Sani Dauda to pay the sum of N100 million as damages for detaining his client illegally.

Shehu Sani's lawyer filed the “motion under Enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights Procedure in the case between Sen. Shehu Sani vs EFCC and ASD Motors.”

The application was also filed for Senator Shehu Sani’s release, which was also due for hearing on Monday.